Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Break Part 1

Before the details begin to fade, it's high time I chonicle the highlights of Spring Break 2013.
Join me, will you?

The van was loaded, cartop carrier carefully squeezed shut, crisp new library books just waiting to be read, electronic devices charged, spray tan perfection achieved.  It was Friday night, Tim made it home in a timely fashion, and we hit the road....destination Orlando. We weren't sure how far we would make it, as it had been a long, late night/early morning, "get it all done", kind of week.

The ride went surprisingly well!  The kids did great, and Tim and I were able trade off driving through the night, and actually sleep a little bit (which is usually not the case).  Typically Tim drives, and I sit there and talk to him for hours, intermittently punching him when I see his head nod.

We stopped for breakfast in Georgia, and then continued steering south until we hit the much anticipated Florida Welcome Center.  There we got out to stretch our legs, enjoy our free cup of orange juice, and let the kids excitedly gather pamphlets to their hearts content.

And after many rounds of "Would you Rather", fraction worksheets, heavy traffic, reading aloud, and scads of Starburst jelly beans and "the mix", we arrived at our resort at 4pm,  just in time to check in.

We settled in, looked for lizards, checked out the pools, went out for dinner, tried out the jaccuzi, and called it a night. Tim and I were exhausted.

The next morning we were up at the crack, headed out to the happiest place on earth.

And apparantly everybody else on Spring Break did too.
The Magic Kingdom was crazy busy...as we knew it would be.
However, we had a plan, and made it on every single ride that we wanted...some twice.  I think our longest wait was 20 minutes.  We're the plan it out, competitive type, so it was kind of fun.
We pushed our double stroller through the masses, ate our backpack toted sub sandwiches and gatoraids in the shade,  and switched Ellery into her "baby heels" whenever we needed her to be 40 inches. Worked like a charm.
A few pics from the day....
A quick photo upon entering the park, getting situated, and hustling off to our first ride, Space Mountain!

 Ha.. The boys were less than thrilled to have their picture taken with Ariel.
Buzz Lightyear,  still a hit! Dylan could have rode it all. day. long.

Dylan was chosen to go onstage during the Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate show.
 (Actually Stella was, but she wouldn't budge, so we sent Dylan ).

These 2 made it until about 9:00pm, and then there was no waking them. We watched the fireworks display, and took turns sitting out with them.
We went to leave shortly after 10:00pm, but the wait to get out of the park was ridiculous.
And after a really long day, I just didn't have it in me to wait in line to leave.
So, we headed back in the park and got front row seats to the 11pm electrical parade right by the exit. It was brilliant. As soon as we saw the line cleared, and we caught the better part of the parade, we booked it on out.
It was a long magical busy day, so on Monday we slept in :)
We were exhausted, having not caught up from the drive down, and the 16 hours at disney.
In the afternoon, we headed to Coco Beach.


Tuesday, we were once again up at the crack, waiting for the gates to open at EPCOT.

 It was once again crazy busy, but we were able ride everything we wanted...our favorites several times.
The kids favorite was once again "Spaceship Earth" inside the ball.

We spent a bit of time in the aquarium this time around. 
We spent the afternoon touring the worlds, looking for princesses.
Tho Ellery wasn't overly fond of the characters, she enjoyed meeting the princesses :) Stella really enjoyed it.

 Taking a break for lunch, looking for lizards, while Tim collected someFastPasses.
 Getting TinkerBell's autograph...

Drinking free coke from "Club Cool" to our hearts content.
Coke from Israel was our families favorite!  

It got hot in the afternoon, so the kids enjoyed cooling off at the fountains.


We closed the park down, and left halfway through the fireworks display!
More pics soon...


Before I move forward, I found this draft that I neglected to post last month.
A few pics from the last month or so...

We finally wrapped up our February birthdays....

We spent a lot of snow days inside making crafts...

Nana and Papa came for a visit...

 We enjoyed a little target practice as a family.

Homemade finger paints anyone?
I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

The kids are obsessed with watching the old Dukes of Hazzard episodes, and then acting them out.
Ellery likes to run around the hosue in her overalls, and make us to call her
"Boss Hogg"

Still on a role with the chalk paint!
My little helper!

Visiting the mall meant lots of time watching the fish....and trying to catch them.


I had a closet cleanse in an effort to check it off the list!
Stella went on a field trip to see the butterflies!

My "new" sweet chair.

Playground duty!

Sydney has decided to go into the doll making business :)
We  surprised our dear friend Michelle on her birthday!

Another field trip to the dentist!

...And the fire station :)
And a little bit of Spring Break sewing...stay tuned!