Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 months...

my goal is to do an update on Ellery once a month, since her baby book remains untouched :)
so here goes,

she is now 2 months old
10lbs. 13oz
24 inches long
95th percentile for height and 50th for weight

I love newborns, but i have decided I much prefer 2 month olds! Still a tiny little baby, but the smiling, cooing, responsiveness and ever so slight predictability makes up for all the crying.
Did I mention that she slept through the night this week? YES! We have been getting her to sleep around 11ish, and she has been sleeping on her own till 4:30ish am, AND she's been going back to sleep for a few hours after that ON HER OWN! Well, for like 3 days now :) She usually wakes up again as I'm trying to get boy and girl #1 and #2 ready for school....but we'll cut her some slack with that! She takes a lot of cat naps by day, but is getting fairly consistent with a longer nap in the afternoon.
If you lay Ellery on the ground she will usually look to the right. If you are holding her, her head will flop to the right. I assume thats the way she was curled up inside of me when i was pregnant. Well, the dr. said her neck muscles on the one side are starting to get tight, so she showed me some excercises to do with her 5-10 times a day. If it doesn't improve in a few weeks she will refer us to a physical therapist.

Ellery still loves, loves, LOVES to be swaddled. She looks like she's in a little cocoon. She fights it at first, but then she konks right out. It's also handy for keeping her pacifier in!

She usually takes one bottle a day @ her last feeding. She is still very gassy and projectile spitty. So, we have been giving her soy and she seems to do well with it. The dr. said I should try to eliminate dairy from my diet to know for certain if this is the cause of her discomfort.... I live on yogurt, cheese and milk, so we shall see :)

The kids all still adore her and are very helpful. They don't fight over holding her anymore, because they've learned she just cries when they do :) But, they do love laying next to her on the floor and putting her pacifier back in her mouth when she's in the swing. They are thoroughly enjoying that she smiles back at them now. Every time she does I get a "MOM! Ellery just smiled at me!" Stella is still fascinated with her, tho she is taking more of an interest in her own dolls now. She uses Ellerys diapers to change her babies, and if I'm not watching will go through an entire box of wipes in one sitting.

Oh Ells Bells, we love you! You are such a blessing to our family....and you're so stinkin cute!

indeed, a bad hair day

Friday, January 22, 2010

career day

a concrete guy and a mom. boy that sounds familiar :)

Actually, one just wanted to wear a hard hat, and the other wanted to bring her doll to school wearing her comfy pants and my jewelry.

In reality, Austin aspires to be a graphic designer, and Sydney a mom/artist who paints while her babies are napping.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


this lady is now 8 weeks old. 2 months. where does the time go? one of these days i'm going to sit down and actually write some of my thoughts down again. for now, some pictures of my sad attempts to catch a smile. you wouldn't think it would be so hard! she can't move or talk, so it must be my photog skills :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

look what i found mom!

he went downstairs in search of a hat......and came back up with so much more!

"look what I found mom! a weiner protector!"

yes indeed, a joyful discovery for a 4 year old.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


another brilliant plan.....foiled

Friday, January 8, 2010

six weeks

Friday, January 1, 2010

one month and merry christmas

this little lady is now 1 month old!

We are muddling on through, and i can't believe how fast time continues to fly on by in a blur of nights turning into days... turning into nights again :)

We are doing well, with some adjustment on my part of course. I'm not used to staying home so much, especially when there is no break between the days! Ellery is turning into quite the cryer, so between her and Stella it's been a trick getting out while they're both happy :) However, having a baby during the holiday season makes it kind of a necessity to go out, because it is just plain busy, between shopping and activities at school. On more than one occasion now, I've met some very sweet ladies exiting the store, asking me what they could do to help me....if they could help me carry the crying baby while i dealt with my crying, kicking, quick to run off Stella, and the others. It's sweet, and I hope I can be as thoughtful and helpful to others when my kids are grown.

The kids are still smitten by her and absolutely love her. They are very hepful, and continue to fight over who gets to hold her. If she is on the ground someone is always laying by her to keep her company and to keep me informed of her facial expressions and state of happiness. Stellas obsession with her continues on.
so what's she been up to you ask?
***for my own record keeping of course, scroll down to the pics if you are bored

*sleeping- she is starting to separate her days and nights, and we are starting to actually go to bed...together! I feel like we are starting to get a little of the routine that I have been craving.
As of 1 month, she is usually awake for most of the evening. She usually eats btwn 10-11pm for the "last" time and then will usually sleep on her own until 2:00amish. After that either Tim or I will sleep with her in the chair, b/c if you lay her back down she will just cry. It's easier to hold her rather than jump out of bed ever 3 minutes to put her pacifier back in and calm her back down again. The upside of having her in our bedroom is that Tim actually hears her now!
It's kind of a joke that time of night anyhow.... Stella is usually awake crying b/c she heard the babe cry, and Dylan is either on his way up to sneak in our bed.... or we discover he's already there :)
I usually feed her again btwn 5 and 6am and try to have her asleep in her swing by the time i get the kids up @ 6:30am. If this was a success, she generally wakes up right when i need to walk the kids down for the bus... so she crys it out for a bit and i feed her again @ 7:30.

She is awake ALOT more by day now, and the new trick is get her to stay asleep when you put her down. She seems to sleep best while you're holding her, or on her stomach. Surprisingly, my most productive time of day is when the kids get home from school @ 3:45. Syd just wants to hold the babe, Austin wants to watch TV, and the other 2 are just so happy to have their siblings home to play with them.

*she is trying to smile... she has smiled a few for us, but can't quite figure out completely how it works yet

*she is around 9lbs. (I just weighed her with myself on the scale, so give or take a little).

*She is still wearing newborn diapers b/c her little buns are still quite scrawny :) She is wearing newborn and 0-3 m clothes.
*it looks like she is going to become a member of the November blue-eyed opposed to the February brownies.

some pics from christmas.....

the wii....voted favorite gift of Christmas '09

are we there yet? we only hit rain this year on the way to chicago!

the grandkids

the year of the snuggie

the one hour old slinky

great grandma voss

Tim and Opa
trying out the new snowboards
I pray you all had a blessed Christmas!