Wednesday, December 23, 2009

our mountain

so how do you make a mountain out of hill you ask?

well, let me just tell you....
take the ladder from the old swingset, lean it up against the trampoline frame, and then push the little tykes slide over to climb up on.

tho i tend to err on the side of caution, this is reason # 433 why i love Tim :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

reason # 432 why i love tim.....

not only did he finish building my new desk while i shopped alone...

this is what he did with the extra scraps of lumber.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

remember these?

For fun, i got the sponge rollers out Sat. night and asked Stella if she wanted her hair to be pretty. She nodded her head yes and said "uh huh". I was SHOCKED she sat still the entire time without any complaint. This girl automatically says "ow" whenever she sees a brush. When they were all in, she ran off to show her daddy with a huge smile.

Friday, December 18, 2009

just a few that didn't make the cut....

Oh the ridiculous pressures of getting a "nice" picture for the Christmas cards.

You think i'd just take them somewhere and pay somebody to take over this task.

Unfortunately, the combination of stubborness and thriftiness, coupled with the creative ideas that are always floating around in my head does not allow me to do this.
I think I snapped about 200. Most were deleted before they were even downloaded from my camara. And it always goes the same ......

It starts out happy, nice, and cheerful. We talk in sweet voices about this fun time we are having. After all, getting your picture taken IS exactly what you want to be doing if you're dressed up and under 8 right?
Next, bribes are made. You can see by the pictures that this avenue works for some, but not for all. We are now at 50% cooperation.

And then, like a switch, the blood pressure begins to rise and patience is thrown out the window. It is truly amazing how quickly all the sweetmess turns so ugly.

Threats are made. You see that log you are sitting on? Get used to it. You're not moving until I get a decent picture. Easy way or hard way, you choose.

We achieve a little cooperation. Mostly b/c the older kids get the tone and are sick of it, pleading w/ the younger ones to cooperate.
We get our mediocre picture that "will have to do" and about a half our later i feel the need to apoligize to everyone and tell them i love them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Take a picture mom, I made her happy!"

yes indeeed, i'm quite certain i've pinpointed how this little gal received her first cold :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 weeks....

The little gal is now 2 weeks old!

I thought I'd take some time to document our first2 weeks.

I must say it is going well! Sure there's a bit of an adjustment having a newborn in the house again, but the kids absolutely love her, and fight over who gets to hold her.

When Stella was born, Austin was only in kindergarten 3 days a week. So needless to say, it has taken some getting used to caring for the babe and getting 2 kids out the door for school in the morning, and the help they need with homework in the evenings. Because wouldn't you know, she's usually awake during those times :)

She is a great baby, tho her days and nights are still a bit mixed up. We like to say she's nocturnal. She sleeps great by day... and her least favorite time is between 10pm and 1am. Even if she is asleep in your arms, she will not stand for being put down. This works out okay tho, because Tim enjoys sleeping with her in the recliner :)

A few pics...

We were so curious what Stellas reaction would be. She is quite obsessed with her! So far she's climbed in the pack-n-play with her a few times , has lifted her out of the swing for me...thankfully i happened to be right there, and has learned how to move the bathroom stool over to the kitchen stools to climb up and get on the counter with her. She is great for fetching a diaper tho :)

The kids came up straight from school the day she was born. We told Tims mom not to tell them what we had or the name. They all assumed she was a boy. So, Tim played hangman with them on the whiteboard to figure out her name. They still couldn't figure out if she was a boy or girl. I had to show Syd her pink hat to confirm it.

Going home

Her first Thanksgiving...and our first day home :)

A serious thinker she is.

Her cord fell off when she was 1week. Dylan gave Ellery her first bath, and she liked it!

Tim and his ladies

For my own record keeping, I thought I’d write down the story of Ellery’s birth. In case I wind up in a padded room someday after having 5 kids, I don’t want her to be jipped these details - ha ha.

Be forewarned, it’s a long one, so refill your coffee now!

Okay, where to begin, where to begin?

Well, we found out the good news that we were expecting again on March 24, 2009. After dropping the kids off at school that Tuesday morning, I ran through Target and bought a pregnancy test. The night before I had mentioned to Tim that I thought I may indeed be pregnant.
He was quite certain that I was crazy. But I just knew. The next morning I called him at work to tell him “I told you so” after I took the test. We were quite surprised, and Tim was thrilled! He had always wanted a 5th.

My due date calculated out to be November 28. When we got over the shock, our daily conversations were consumed with topics of bussing, suburbans, bedroom arrangements, and the like.

Well, everything seemed to progress normally. We wanted to see how long we could keep this our little secret. My bloodwork results came back, and my progesterone levels were low so I had to go on supplements. My dr. said I was measuring big, so she sent me in for an ultra sound when I told her about our family history of twins. Everything looked perfect at the ultra sound, and only one sweet beating heart was detected.

On Sunday, May 3, I was 10 weeks pregnant. While making lunch that afternoon, I felt really ill. I finally just had to sit down b/c I thought I was going to faint. During lunch I thought I was peeing my pants, but it turned out I was bleeding pretty heavy. I began to have what felt like contractions. I laid down for a while, quite certain I was having a miscarriage. We finally decided to head to the ER, b/c I had these same symptoms with the blessing that we named Syndey.

An ultra sound in the ER confirmed that the baby was alive and well. However, there was a giant hematoma (blood clot) that the baby was resting on…about 2x the size of the baby.

I was told to go home and take it really easy. The chances of my miscarrying this baby were great, but was told that there was really nothing that could be done.

The following Sunday was Mothers Day. We decided we would tell the world about this little blessing, since I would need some help “taking it easy”.
Everyone was surprised and excited! We told Tims mom by putting the ultra sound picture in her mothers day card. I went in for another ultra sound that week and was officially put on bedrest because there was no improvement. The risk being, if the blood clot was to let go it would take the baby with it.

For the next 6 weeks I sat around. Wonderful family and friends blessed us with their time, meals, childcare, and domestic skills. I was truly humbled by everyones generosity. We re-arranged a lot of our summer plans. By the end of July my hematoma had begun to shrink and I was allowed to resume light activity. All continued to progress normally, and when I reached 30 weeks of pregnancy, my hemotoma was completely gone!

I began having non-stress tests 2 times a week once I reached 32 weeks. Everything was always fine, and I convinced my dr. that I only needed to go 1x a week.

Fastforward to my 38 week apt. After having an exam, it proved the baby was breech. What I had thought was a little butt that i liked to poke at, turned out to be a head! My dr. scheduled an aversion to try to turn the baby on Monday Nov 23. If she was unable to turn the babe, I would have a c-section.

I prayed a lot that week that the baby would turn. I really did not want to have a c-section on my 5th and final pregnancy. I went in for another apt. the following week and the baby had indeed turned! My dr. said she was still “floating” but was now head down.

She gave me a choice. I could either ride it out and see what happens, or she would just break my water on Monday, Nov 23 and I would have the baby.

I was torn. I very much enjoy when things happen naturally. I also thoroughly disliked my induction with Dylan and wanted to avoid that again.

However, I didn’t want to risk the baby turning around again, or going way overdue as is usually the case with me. With 3 kids in school now, it also settled well with me to have it planned out and the kids where they needed to be.

So, after much thought and prayer, i decided to keep my apt....and it turned out to be an amazing blessing.
I didn’t feel much movement over the weekend before I was to be induced, and I was quite concerned. All day Sunday I had contractions off and on. I was excited, hoping maybe I wouldn’t need to be induced in the morning after all. Our induction was planned for 6am Monday morning, but I was told to call @ 5am just to make sure they had a bed for me.

Well, my contractions didn’t continue, b/c I woke up just fine @ 4am the next morning. We called @ 5 and they told us to not to come in until 7am.

Well, if you know my Tim, it doesn’t surprise you that we had to quick make a stop @ the jobsite on the way to the hospital. He liked to think of it as nostalgia, b/c the jobsite was the site of the hospital where our first 3 children were born.

Long story short, we had an extra hour on our hands, so we had breakfast @ the Red Geranium across the street from the hospital. It was weird. The excitement and nervousness knowing that we were heading over to have our baby in an hour. We once again discussed names, b/c we were only really certain of our boys name, Elliot. Tim reassured me we were having a boy and we didn’t need to worry about a girls name.

We arrived in our hospital room around 7:30, and the nurse informed me that they wouldn’t break my water until the baby was more engaged, b/c they didn’t want to risk having the cord come out first. I was dialated to 4. They did a quick ultra sound to see if the baby was still head down. Success! However, the babe was also sunny side up.

They hooked me up to the monitors and right away could tell that the baby was in distress. They came to take blood and put my iv line in. After 4 tries they were able to get it in, and the blood they needed. They took my blood pressure and it was pretty high. Did I pass my gluecose test they asked? Fail. They could never get any blood from me @ the test. So, they sent the lab up to get more bloodwork. After 3 tries the first nurse gave up. They sent up another and after 4 tries they finally got it out of my hand.

They started the pitocin, and shut it off after a little bit. Every time I would have a contraction the babys heart rate would drop significantly. They gave me an oxygen mask to wear and had me lay on my side. This helped a little. When the heart rate would drop, they would have me flip over.

Well, the heart rate continued to drop and they began discussing the possibility of having a c-section. They decided to break my water after all so that they could put an internal monitor on the baby to get a better idea of what was causing the distress. They did, and it was filled with meconium. They informed me that after the baby was born they would take her right away to suck her out. They didn’t want her to cry before they did this.

The contractions started to get REALLY bad, especially since they would only let me lay on my side. I usually like to walk contractions off :)

Well, the heart rate continued to drop, and we once again found ourselves discussing c-sections. They checked and I was dialted to 6. They said once I got to 8 they would let me try pushing. They just wanted this baby out! I’ve never had so many nurses and doctors in my room while in labor before! My "main nurse" never left.

Well, I started to get a little panicked and decided I wanted an epidural…now! I just about missed my window to get it. I get so impatient waiting.....once I make up my mind to get one, I have no patience to wait., and apparantly get a little whiny :) Well, they didn’t want me to sit up b/c the baby seemed to be stable when I layed on my left side, so the anesthesiologist administered it that way. I was dialated to 7 right before I got the epidural. They gave me a catheter then, b/c by now I had 2 bags of iv fluid in me. By doing this, I dialted to 8! They had me push and I dialted to 10 just like that! My epidural hadn’t totally kicked in yet(which deep down I was really pleased about b/c I like to feel it), so I felt the pressure to push. It took a few pushes just to get her head out, because she came out facing sideways.

Once her head was out, they had me stop pushing b/c the cord was wrapped around her neck 4 times. It was pretty tight, so they couldn't just yank it off over her head....b/c both ends were still inside of me. The dr. was able to wedge her fingers in between her neck and the cord and unroll the first loop, and after that she unrolled the rest. After they unwound her neck, they had me push the rest of her out. There was a knot in her cord as well. They said they had never seen so much drama with the cord before!

Well they finally(which was probably only a couple seconds :) held her up so that I could see what she was. A girl! We were both surprised! Tim cut the cord and they whisked her away. This made me sad, b/c I’ve been blessed to be able to hold my babies before Tim even cut the cord in the past. As they stiched me up I sat there trying to get a view of her. They put a tube down her throat to suck all the meconium out. After about 5 minutes they brought her back to me to hold.

Ellery Margaret was born @ 12:17pm. 6lbs 9oz. 21 inches long, with a head full of poopy black hair, and absolutely perfect!

When i think back about my pregnancy with her, I marvel and praise God for all that He has given to us. For the blessing of our sweet Ellery. For all of the answered prayers. For the way He watched over and protected her before we even knew of her. I think back about the "what if's" had i not gone in on what is now her birthday. God is good, and He carries her in the palm of His hands.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ellery Margaret

November 23, 2009
6lbs. 9 oz.
21 inches long

Just a few pics of our new little blessing! I will update more when we get home, but we are praising God for her safe arrival! As i've said all along, this little one is going to be a tough one....she was born with a knot in her cord and had it wrapped around her neck 4 times. A true blessing we went in when we did. God is good, and she is absolutely perfect and healthy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

a few more pics.....

You just can't beat taking 4 roudy 8 year olds to craigs cruisers when you're 39 weeks pregnant! lol

We really did have an outstanding time.

Friday, November 20, 2009

halfway to driving ....

we now have an 8 year old.
a full blown school kid.

So what's so great about being 8?

*officially saying goodbye to the booster seat in the van! HEY-LEY-LUIA! (only 4 in seats now :) lol

*reading chapter books to yourself in bed

*trading and collecting pokemon cards with friends

*being old enough to drive your own go kart @ craigs cruisers

*running through the woods to meet up with the neighbor kids...and being trusted to be home by dark

*playing legos (and feeling quite smug about doing the 8-12 year old kits) starwars, bakugans and gi joes

*still being young enough to read animal books and genuinely play with your little sister

Happy Birthday Austin, we love you!

a pokemon theme was requested this year

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

you gotta love that smile....

she once again just missed the fairy....but is quite certain it is a girl.
her mom started to get a little frustrated b/c she held out until 10pm waiting.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the clock is ticking.....

The weather was so gorgeous this weekend that we went outside and took a few pictures. Sadly, the one above was the best I've got with Gloria and the kids...but i guess it does capture our life :)

For fun we polled the kids to find out their thoughts on miss g's arrival. Here's what we've got....

Austin- a boy named Oliver Nov 20

Sydney-a boy named Tommy Nov 19

Dylan - a boy named Hudson Dec 3

Tim- boy Nov 26

Myself- girl Nov 29

So, lets start a little poll shall we? What's your guess?

A little official due date is Nov 28. All 432 ultrasounds i've had have placed my due date at Nov 20.
Austin was 8 days late, Sydney 3 days early, Dylan a medical mystery, and Stella 3 days late.

Friday, November 6, 2009

let's recap fall, shall we?

This fall has once again passed us by in a blur of busy. I can't believe the month of November is already well underway!

To recap....six weeks of soccer is officially done! The kids improved greatly throughout the season, and will gladly tell you they scored many goals. They did really well, and had a blast....but is SO nice to have our 3 weeknights and Saturdays back again!
Dylan was hysterical to watch play. He would run back and forth down the field as fast as he could, chasing whoever had the ball at the time....not necesarily making it his goal to have any contact with the ball :) Sometimes he would get running so fast and change direction that he would trip over his own feet.

Stella, the faithful cheerleader A meeting of the little people, as they try to decide how best to tackle their chore of raking leaves :)
a rare photo of dylan actually looking at the camara and smiling!

Halloween 2009
Belle, CheerBear, Luke Skywalker and Jango Fett

After 2 hours of searching, the blue lightsaber was no where to be Mr. Skywalker had to carry a gun. Since Halloween was on Saturday this year, the kids were able to go to our church's Hulaballoo, and also trick or treat! Good times....lots of candy.
pumpkins were carved..........applesauce was made

Tim took the 3 older kids duck hunting.
I couldn't convince him to take Stella too :)

we got our skates on .....well the kids did.
many Saturday afternoons playing football.