Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sweet Stella's 6 mos.

this is a few weeks late, but it's hard to believe that stella is 6 months old already. she is still so very sweet! here are her 6 mos stats for my record keeping, so feel free to tune out if you're bored....
stella can sit up well on her own now, and rolls all over the place on the floor. Anything she finds she puts in her mouth. she really enjoys playing with her toys, and will grab at anything within her reach. stella is very aware when she is all alone, and she cries when you leave the room or when she catches sight of you and you aren't holding her or right with her. she loves to stand in the palm of her daddy's hands and "walk around". she is very fond of most baby foods and cries whenever we are eating and she is not. she loves to eat those biter bisquits and graham crackers. she likes formula now and is taking a bottle a day. in fact she now kicks her legs excitedly and then cries when she sees a bottle (a big change from 2 months ago). stella still usually takes 3 or 4 naps a day, usually 2 decent ones and a few catnaps in the car and in between. she goes to bed around8:30 ish and is sleeping till around 7am. she loves to sleep on her stomach with her rabbit and rubs one of the ears between her fingers. she no longer likes to sleep when you are holding her, she just wants her's so sad! Stella, you are such a blessing to our family. The kids still cannot get enough of you and at 6 months still fight over who gets to hold you when you are awake. we love you!

first days

well, we've officially got 2 kids in the system, and they're both pretty happy about it!
austin is loving first grade. he thinks he is so old now, especially with his sister across the hall in kindergarten. he didn't want me to walk him into school the first day, though i did anyway ~ when i told him i'd miss him he said "it's okay mom, you've still got dylan"
when i picked him up, the first words out of his mouth when he saw me..." you should have given me a spoon for my pudding, i couldn't eat it, and that was my second favorite snack" ah yes, frustrations always seem to center on food. austin's favorite things about, recess, lunch, gym (in that order)
i had to laugh on the first day of school he came home with 2 notes (i use the term loosely since they are still learning to write :) in his pocket that he got during recess.

sydney loved her first day of kindergarten. she allowed me to walk her in and kiss and hug her. then she re-showed me her spread of markers, glue sticks etc. she thinks she's hot stuff b/c austin taught her everything he knew last year, so allie alligator was like an old friend. the first words out of her mouth when i picked her up....
" austin pretended he didn't know me at recess, and then he called me a boy" ~ nice... thanks for looking out for your little sister like i asked.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

fun with brothers

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's your favorite Olympic Sport

we've got a new tradition around here....the kids get all ready for bed and then we all sit on the couch together and watch the Olympics. It's been really fun, and educational! Austin is obsessed with finding American flags on people...and asks what country each person is from, and let's me know what place everyone is in.....Sydney is constantly rolling off the couch and asking if we are watching her gymnastics....Dylan points out every single athlete and asks if i see their big muscles, and then we discuss if they are bigger than daddys. I asked each of them what their favorite sport is....
Austin- running- the short fast races
Sydney- gymnastics
Dylan- the running with the jumpies (hurdles)
Tim- downhill skiing (he's not so fond of the summer olympics)
Myself- springboard diving

So, what's your favorite sport?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

meet bill

So, this past week i was doing my weekly grocery shopping with all 4 kids. As i was holding a crying Stella with one hand, and trying to push one of those gynormous carts with a bench where my 2 older kids sat with their combined 90 lbs, and Dylan hung off the side testing how far back he could lean without falling..... i realized that with school starting soon if i was really intentional with what i bought this could be my last grocery shopping trip with all 4 of them for about 8 months. this realization really softened me and when Dylan said "mom, can i get a fishy" i said sure, that's a great idea before i even thought it through. bill, bruce, and nemo (of course).

Sitting Pretty

She can sit now....however, she is not so fond of grass.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

my "someday soon" is here "someday soon" has officially arrived. i fished the first lego out of stellas mouth today. the bright colorful pile was too enticing, and i watched her work her way over to it rolling and using her feet to kick off and lunge forward. we can only hope she finds sydneys beads next :)