Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just a little more summer...

A few more summer pics before I will call it complete....
Unfortunately, my camera was out for repair for the majority of the summer, so I don't have a ton of pictures for the books.
I am always amazed how fast summer flys by.
Every year about 2 weeks prior to school getting out, I get all anxious and overwhelmed that I won't know what to do with these kids all day, every day.
Once again  my worry was in vain, as there was never a dull moment this summer.
We spent our days soaking up the sun,  hanging out with friends and family, and crossing things off our bucket list. By the begining of July, Dylan informed me he was starting to get sick of pools and lakes :) 
We went blueberry picking on one of the hottest days of the summer, and I am once again reminded that we must stick to larger fruits. Somehow the kids just don't have the same zeal I have for getting the job done :)

This is how far we got, when he dared ask if we were almost done......
Tim's brother got married!  More of a spring event, but I never posted pics :)

We made a trip to Chicago, and took the annual cousin photo.
So thankful to have 2 more babies in this years picture  :)
We spent a delightful day with friends at the Hopkins cottage.

I got up on ski's!!!
(sort of :)
Next year I'm hoping to join this crowd... :)

Tube rides were in high demand...

We once again camped for a week with dear friends.
And it was delightful this year. 
No flooding or cold weather or power outages....only water with "bacteria":)




 Tim and I celebrated 14 years of marriage!
We were able to get away to a quaint little bed and breakfast in Ludington where we so enjoyed dinner, strolling through town hand in hand checking out antique stores, playing tennis, walking by the water, and sitting around drinking lots and lots of coffee and talking. 

I bought a membership to a local wild animal park.
We loved it, and I think we visited every other week, all summer long.
Ellery LOVED the petting zoo.

And they got pretty resourceful at finding discarded bird food sticks :)

It was a good summer :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Goodbye Summer.

We spent a gorgeous Labor Day weekend camping at Ludington State Park once again.
After surviving all of the change and running the first week of school brought about, combined with Tim working out of town, we surprised ourselves by not only being set up before dark, but also in good spirits :) 
No blown tires, rain or schedule changes this year!
And the weather was beautiful!
We once again hiked, biked, swam, fished, chatted, played games, explored, enjoyed the great outdoors and good company.