Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reason # 437 I love this person....

...tho working out of town, 3 hours north of here,
 he left in the middle of the most beautiful fall afternoon we've had in awhile, to swing thru town to pick this little gal up for her pre-school dad's night.  (One hour of pizza and playing on the playground :)
Because he knows it IS a big deal. 
Only to turn around mere hours later, and head back north.
Love him.
Happy Thursday all~

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Specs

Every girls glasses.
Ha! Ok, maybe just this girls dream :)
After a long stretch of headaches, things are looking up.

And doesn't she look so studious? :)
Happy Tuesday all~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A little before and after

This blog really stinks lately.
And it bugs me, because I truly enjoy writing, and getting these milestones and memories down on "paper".  I know that someday I will look back fondly on this phase of life, and forget all the miles I put on my van each day, the chaos of laundry, the homework struggles, and trying to figure out how to clean up Ellery's pee off  the mechanical firetruck outside of Old Navy....or the chair in the ortho waiting room...or the bolt of fabric at Joannes.  Good grief, the stories I've got tucked away.
Baby steps.
Austin got braces last summer.
His mouth wasn't quite ready for full blown braces, because he still had a few baby teeth to lose.
However, we were begining to notice that he constantly held his hand in front of his mouth when he was talking, to hide them.  And there was also the concern that he'd get hit in the face with a ball and knock them out, since he couldn't really close his mouth.
Sadly, the kid got my mouth.
Ha, I should dig up pics sometime, I was a real dish at his age. 
So, "Phase One" of the plan was implemented.
And the poor kid had a rough time with them.
 His gums became very angry with all the metal in his mouth.
  After a few set backs, "laser surgery" to remove some his gums, fever and infection,  and 4 extracted baby teeth later, he was thrilled to get them off again! 
And it's good to see him smile again :)
Naturally, corn on the cob, marshmellows and gum were in order that first week.
And we're gearing up for phase 2 :)
Happy Wednesday all~