Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer days

I've had to implement the "If you come inside, I'm gonna put you to work" rule this summer.   And wouldn't you know, they've been having a grand old time building a tunnel system through their sand box.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

40th anniversary

We celebrated my parents 40th anniversary this past weekend. 

While we were all together last Christmas, my mom asked us to keep the day open.  That was all the information she would give.  My parents like surprises, you see. 

 We all speculated....taking the train downtown to a show, a Cubs game, a waterpark.

As the day drew closer, we were instructed to be to their house by 11am, wearing dress clothes- no tank tops or flip flops.  That ruled out the Cubs game :)

  We all arrived, and at noon a stretch hummer limo pulled up to their driveway.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the limo ride, and all of it's ammenties.  The laser lights were played with by everyone under the age of 9, the window by the driver went up and down no less than 38 times, every seat was tested out,  and all of the pop consumed :)

The limo dropped us off downtown at Navy Pier.  We followed my parents down the boardwalk and boarded the Oddesy for a delightful 3 course lunch cruise. 

After the cruise, we rode the ferris wheel, and walked around Navy Pier until our limo picked us back up again.

It was a great time.  Thank you mom and dad!  Happy Anniversary.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day fun

We spent a delightful Father's Day afternoon out at the cottage.  Naturally Dylan caught a bunch of fish...

The kids went tubing....
The ladies went tubing...
(I have been either pregnant or holding a newborn for the last 9 summers, so needless to say, I haven't tubed in years.) Good times!

The boys went tubing...and unfortunately I don't have a good picture because they were very wreckless!
We forced Stella out of the boat for a slow ride back in...I don't think she will go again anytime soon.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Memorial Weekend we packed the camper and hit the road for a weekend of fun in Pentwater.

Tim beat the kids home from school, so we made it there in record time. Everything was set up, and we still had daylight!

And while it wasn't really a "fun in the sun" weekend, we did have a good time together.  It's not a good sign when you go to the beach, and the water temp sign simply reads "cold".  We still enjoyed  all of the things we love about Pentwater tho.  We fished, biked, played tennis, shopped, hiked, beached, and ate ice cream of course.

I was so thankful to be camping on beach sand, because it soaked up all of  the rain water rather quickly, and also for our heater :)

The day we left for camping was also our first full day with Peep.  Naturally we brought her along, and she sat under her heat lamp in the bathroom.....because clearly 7 people in a camper isn't crowded enough :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

may madness

May certainly was a busy one. 
I donned my supermom cape, and tried my very best to make it to all of the kids activities.  
Join me, on a pictoral journey of the times I remembered my camera :)

Austin's highly anticipated 3rd grade class trip was to Dutch Village. 
Unfortunately, it rained so hard that we were forced inside for the whole trip, and the kids were sent back to school early. No ride on the trusty old swings or music from the outdoor organ.  Kind of a bummer, but we did have a good time.

Not really the nice picture I had in mind. While I was looking forward to a quaint picture of Austin and I in front of a beautiful splay of tulips, I will have to settle for looking like a drowned rat in front of a fake chicken?  It's all in the memories, right?  Good times.

 It is becoming very clear I need to buy an umbrella :)

Sydney's class spent the day in a local 124 year old one room school house.  Dressed like pioneers, they spent their day learning like they did back in the day. 
Tin can lunches, food rolled in cloth and tied with string, feather pens, homeade crushed walnut ink, individual slates, and separate boy/girl games were just a few of their delights.... and clearly, pioneers wore pink converse shoes :)

The boys had a grand old time playing soccer.

...and the girls were top-notch cheerleaders.

The kids ran the 5/3 Junior race.

We went to a few class picnics....

...and Tim and I are now both half way to 70.
More pics coming soon!