Sunday, November 23, 2008

our kid is 7.....

austin is now 7 years old....and what a great age to be!
still young enough to dress up and turn into a power ranger with a mere change of clothes, yet old enough to read a book to himself and understand the consequences for the decisions he makes.

a little bit about austin at 7...

he has an amazing imagination. he still enjoys dressing up in his costumes and turning into a superhero with dylan (although school hinders him a little :) right now he likes all things star wars and power rangers. he loves to play with legos and he's really good at creating fighter jets. he is also a very talented artist and really enjoys sitting at the table drawing and making crafts. he loves school, and i am amazed at how much he has already learned! favorite subjects...writing and art. least favorite...reading.

austin is growing up to be a responsible little boy that we are so proud of. he is a pleaser and very tenderhearted. he tries so hard to make good decisions, and is quick to apologize when he knows he's done wrong. he is also quite the jokster we hear!

alright, enough doting....we love you austin!

"mom, can you PLEASE get me the build your own lightsaber kit from target?" said by austin more times than i can count in the last few weeks.

austin LOVES stuffed animals, so we went on a date to build a bear.

our attempt at r2d2

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

best sister

just when i start getting down about all the sibling fighting going on around here, my sweet austin delivers this note to his sister......they do love each other!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Saturday, November 8, 2008

goodbye dillene...hello dylan!

it was time....
when Dylan was 1 i said that i would cut his curls off when he was 2. when he turned 2, the plan was to cut it at the end of summer.... well then it was absolutely, most definately going to happen after the baby was born.....well, as the "baby" is on the cusp of 9 months old, i finally did it!
it all started with a trim of the bangs, and then a little off the sides, then a little off the back... and then before i realized it, i'd created a very sweet bob cut- at which point it all had to go.

i'm good with it though. as much as i loved those curls, it had to go for dylans sake.
it was getting to the point that whenever we were out in public he was referred to as " young lady, big sister, little girl" etc. way more often than he was referred to as a boy.
as he so firmly told the nice man that gave him a penny to ride the pony at meijer
"i'm not a grill, i'm a boy!" unfortunately, this was becoming common lingo for him. he was having to defend his "boyness" way more often than any little boy should have to.

so we say goodbye to our precious "dillene" .... and hello to our spunky, still full of sas, little boy Dylan!