Thursday, August 30, 2012

First day of school photo....

If pictures could speak....

 School is back in session.
This year we have a 5th grader, 4th grader, 2nd grader and soon to be pre-schooler.

Summer went by fast.
 And I'm having a whole mix of feelings towards everything this week...trying to figure out our new normal.

Tim spent a majority of this summer working out of town,
which left for very little break. So, we filled our summer with non-stop fun filled days at the pool, beach, playing with friends, chores, and crossing things off of our bucket list.

It was a really good summer.

I honestly don't think we were ever bored.
 Even my most prosaic kid will testify to this.

However, after a summer of non-stop "survival mode", I conjured up the idea that school would give me the slight respite and down time I so craved all summer long.  And the time to get the things done I'd put off for the last 2 months.

And it might, as we are only 4 days in.
But perhaps I have unrealistic expectations.

Riduculously, I thought my house would be cleaned and organized by now, my 2 year old fully potty trained, all the crafty items I've dreamed up in my head all summer long created and added to my etsy shop, my younger 2 playing barbies peacefully at my feet, while I read my Bible in my green chair, basking in the sunshine pouring through the window, enjoing the birds flitting back and forth, and the sweet smell of brownies baking in my oven nearby.

Reality check.

My younger 2 are at each other's throats,  tired from no napping, as it doesn't fit into their new school carpooling, soccer and piano lesson lifesyle, Tim is out of town, Ellery is begging to wear diapers, and I am short tempered trying to keep our schedule straight, run necessary errands like getting a certain 5th graders baritone fixed, trying to figure out what to do with these kids during yet another meeting, and filling out every form on the face of the planet.  All the while getting back into the swing of homework and remembering "math facts" with tired kids that just want to work on their fort because it's still summer, and trying to keep my floors clean.

No Pollyanna today, just being honest.
I do know we will get in a rhythm real soon.
And when we do, I'm hoping to sit down and tell you all about our summer :)

The kids have had a great start to their year.
They are all pleased with their teachers, and I've already escorted  a turtle in an ice cream bucket riding shot gun in my van to school  :)


Happy Thursday all~ 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


A cooler with a built in radio, belting out country music with a hint of static on a boat designed for 5... can fishing on a hot Sunday afternoon be any more delightful?
Good times :)

Happy Thursday all~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little Sister

A true sign you are the youngest of many....

...when at 2 your potty training underwear of choice is Angry Birds, or "Angwy Buwds" as we call them.

Really bittersweet for me. 
Sadly, I think I've discouraged her from this milestone, in an effort to keep a baby around the house :)  After 10 solid years I  don't remember a world without diapers...nor did I ever see the end. I'm not sure I ever wanted to see the end.

But we're getting there.

And she's quite proud of herself.

Happy Wednesday all~