Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Pics

I am terrible at remembering my camera lately.
Scrolling through my phone, I realized that I actually have a few tucked away :)
For the books, a few more pics from our fall.....
A delightful day lunching at the airport viewing area!

What happens when Dylan is driver.

So thankful for modern technology, and the ability to take a picture of Austin's homework to send over to Tim while he is out of town, because I am not smarter than a fifth grader :)
So much easier to explain over the phone!

The last shards of my flowers.

Hunting with dad!

More sparrow on the grill for this boy!

Enjoying the fishing pond at church.

A delightful day away shopping with good friends!

Enjoying the park on the last predicted warm day of the season!

Earning her keep!

Another succesful sewing project.

Killing time at the library.
Bobby's scarecrow project.

We got our skates on!

Happy Thursday all~

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birth Order

Last Sunday over dinner, Tim was pressing Stella for details on her Bible story during church.
After much prodding, we figured out she learned about David and Goliath.

Her slant on the story...
 " I think David shot the big guy in the head with a pistol. "
 {Ok,ok,  I asked her what type of gun, and she confirmed it was a pistol} :)
While driving in the truck with Tim the other day, she causually turned to him and said...
 "Dad! Did you know that Jesus DIED?
Tim welcomed the invitation for meaningful, heart molding conversation with his girl, and began to ask her questions.
And then she turned to him and casually mentioned...

  "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he died in a car accident."

Parenting a 10 year old and a 2 year old, and all the ages in between at the same time lends to be tricky.  A delicate balance to meet them all where they are at. 
Because Austin and Sydney are so close, we naturally tend to clip along pace with them.
Our nightly devotions have moved from Bible stories, to more thought provoking questions.
Clearly we need to focus more on the basics with the littles :)
Where I used to take the big kids to the library for story time, the little 2 now tag along to soccer practice.
 I used to spend my nights on the couch, reading book after book that was thrown at me, now I shoo the little 2 away, so that I can give my undivided attention to the homework that needs to get done.
I don't have a picture of my biggest 2 playing Angry Birds on my iPod and iPhone side by side on the chair, because they weren't tired from being ripped out of bed to take the big kids to school in the morning.  They were busy dressing up and playing make believe together,  watching and re-inacting Cinderella.  For a solid year of his life, Austin carried around hangers, and  told anyone that he met that he was captain hook... and he was so serious.

Back then, I would look for ways to get out of the house, now I look for ways to stay home :)
At 3, Dylan droned on in prayer for everthing his little mind could think of. Rocks, dirt, trees, tree roots, specific types of bugs, etc. until our food went cold. And yet, Ellery skips a few meals per week, due to her refusal to utter the words to a simple memorized childs prayer. Ok, bad example, she's just stubborn. :)

By age 3, Austin was already sleeping on the top bunk because he was so old, yet we just finally moved Elle out of the crib last week.
I could go on and on, comparing our kids, and what feels like 2 separate phases of life sometimes.
I apologize this post is so scattered, but birth order and all that it entails fascinates me.

Each of our children has a special place in our family.
Each one a precious gift from God.
Created and gifted in our care exactly as and when He intended.
Each one so special and unique in their own way.

My prayer as a parent is that God works through us to equip them and help them learn all that they are meant to be as His children.

 Happy Tuesday all~